Through our history many Jews have acted in betraying their God and their own people... If we think rationally why we have survived as a people based on our own collective behavior as a nation, we should not have survived at all. The only conclusion I can come to as a Jew is that we have survived because of God himself and his mercy and compassion.

Keith Davies

As a Jew, I must confess that I do not know what to make of my own people. Studies show that this tiny cohort is disproportionately ranked among the most innovative and accomplished people on the planet.

At the same time, given its proneness to what I can only call cognicide, I cannot help but regard ourselves, by and large, as possibly the most stupid people on the face of the earth.

In Israel as well as in America, Jews to this day continue to combine an almost pathologically intense concern for politics with a seemingly equally intense inclination towards political foolishness, often crossing over into the realm of the politically suicidal. How is one to understand this very odd Jewish condition—the political stupidity of Jews?

Yeshurun (Israel) became fat and kicked (rebelled)… and it deserted God its Maker…
 (Deuteronomy 32:15)

"His view of the Jews was too optimistic"
Engraved on the tombstone of Theodor Herzl according to his will

The struggle which is now beginning between the Zionist and Bolshevik Jews  is little less than a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people.

Atheism is a thin layer of ice, in which one person can go through, and the whole nation will collapse into the abyss
Francis Bacon.

Religion is the opiate of the masses.
Communism is the opiate of the Jews.
Vladimir Kigel


Fatal Incidences of Apostasy in Jewry of New Age


Alexander Gofen


1. Emergence of the atheistic branch of Jewry (Jews by ethnicity only) in the 19th century

2. How the Ethnic-only Jews emerged and the consequences of it

3. Ethnic-only Jews rushed into the Russian revolutions

4. Disorder among both spiritual and ethnic Jews since the 1920’s in the USA and Europe

5. Disorder among the Jews undermines Israel


We are discussing here a few trends of apostasy in Jewry having especially tragic consequences. Those trends took place in the new historic period approximately during the most recent 200 years. Jews had also committed apostasy earlier, and the Torah contains many such accounts. However we focus our consideration on the most recent 200 years because the deviations of exactly that period happened to be particularly fatal for Jewry.


One of the motives for this analysis was a paradox. On one hand the Jews are known by their hugely disproportional achievements (especially by the number of the Nobel Laureates) in science, medicine, music, literature, technology, finance, and by numerous occasions of heroism during wars. 


On the other hand it is also known that Jews en mass are often incapable of adequately assessing the social situation they are in even when their own survival is at stake. Times and again too many Jews choose to neglect the commandments of the Torah and act on the wrong side of history, damaging themselves and Judaism in general. That is exactly what we are considering in this essay.  


1. Emergence of the atheistic (ethnic only) branch of Jewry in the 19th century


Let's begin with a more accurate explanation of the term "Jews" as it is used in this essay. For the readers whose life experiences began in Europe and the former USSR, the Jews are some ethnic minority distinguished with particular genetic (racial) characteristics and names dissimilar to the common local names. This utilitarian ethnic (racial) approach was a foundation of the official policy in the USSR and Nazi Germany. Anti-Semitic mobs in the 20th and 21st centuries identified Jews in exactly this manner also. Even the Jews themselves whose minds were affected by secularization (including some of those in Israel) accept this purely ethnic definition.  


However the ethno-racial understanding of Jewishness is a relatively new phenomenon, just some 150-200 years old, which emerged in the period of massive emancipation of the European Jewry.


In all the preceding centuries of the Diaspora, the Jews themselves, as well as the gentiles among whom they lived, regarded the Jews not as an ethnicity or race, but rather as religious minority adhering to Judaism (the religion, philosophy, and culture): the minority which refused to convert to the faith proper to the nation of their residence. In those times the conversion into Christianity (or Islam) was encouraged (or brutally enforced). As soon as one had converted, this person and his descendents were considered already Christians (Moslems), whose Jewish origins were forgotten*).    


And vice versa: disregarding the ethnic and racial origin, or former faith, any person can convert into Judaism through the process of giyur (גיור). From that moment on this person is considered to be Jewish.


Therefore just some 200 years ago and earlier, only one meaning of Jewishness had existed, being based solely on the religion and philosophy of a person, who was expected to pass his/her spiritual makeup to the future generations. In other words, at that time they considered as Jews only those who believed in God in the framework of the Judaism and who maintained the religious and cultural traditions of Judaism.


It is worth noting that here in the United States, this understanding of Jewishness as a spiritual characteristic of a person is still valid. Even if people mention that someone is probably a Jew only judging by his Jewish-sound name, they do mean that the person has some affiliation with Judaism. 


Therefore further on we will juxtapose the Spiritual with the Ethnic-only Jews.


The Ethnic-only Jews disregard Judaism. They live as atheists who rejected both God and the cultural heritage of Judaism. Some of them even reject their Jewish origin. Even if they inherited certain Jewish intellectual genes, their talent, lacking any spiritual guidelines and concepts of good and evil, may evolve in any direction between malfeasance and virtue.  


By its very nature, Ethnic-only Jewishness does not stand for any particular spiritual or cultural values. Among the Ethnic-only Jews several are known as the greatest villains of the humanity, such as Karl Marx, or on a lesser scale Chomsky and Soros. The Ethnic-only Jews may happen to be very talented and capable, yet capable of any deed imaginable!   


On the contrary, we call Jews-in-spirit those who consider themselves Jewish because of acknowledging Judaism as the ultimate guide in life. (It is up to this person to decide to which degree he or she practices Judaism, attends synagogue, or even whether the person sincerely believes in God).


It is an objective reality that these two types of Jews do exist, and this fact greatly affected the fate of Jews in the 19th through the 21st century.  Also the Zionism itself (understood as a social and political movement) has been split into these two distinct factions.

The Ethnic-only and the Jews-in-spirit both possibly possess the same specific genes. However this genetic characteristic by itself does not guarantee adherence to Judaism (or to anything particular) and that will be exactly what we are to analyze further.


2. Origin of the Ethnic-only Jewry and its consequences


The Ethnic-only Jewry emerged in the period of emancipation of the Jews, when they left the ghettoes and acquired equal civil rights in the majority of European nation, which took place approximately 200 years ago.


In the same period a great surge in science also took place. On one hand, this progress in science encouraged the belief in unlimited cognoscibility of the world. On the other hand, the religious scholars were caught unprepared, not caring and incapable of reinterpreting the Scripture in order to accommodate the new knowledge. This too pushed the Ethnic-only Jews into atheism because they regarded the Torah and religion in general as nothing more than an atavistic superstition.  


The problem was that God revealed the Torah more than 3000 years ago in then contemporary concepts, so that it could be understood. We do not know why the good Lord has not yet decided to reveal an updated version of His commandments to humanity. That is why the seeming anachronism of it confuses the modern cynical mind, pushing it into complete rejection of both God and His commandments.


On the other hand, science by its very nature deals only with objects isolated from the effects of free will of any origin, whether human or theistic. The field of phenomena well isolated from free will happens to be so wide, that an illusion emerged as though this field comprises everything at all, leaving no place for God and free will in general. That is why agnosticism and atheism dominate among the modern scientists. Yet many geniuses of the past and modern times were religious, among them R. Descartes, B. Pascal, I. Newton, J. Kepler, and L. Pasteur.   


Amazing as it is, the science of the 20th and 21st centuries arrived at a few concepts and discoveries that point to the direction that the universe and the laws of physics governing it emerged from the Big Bang. And all living things and humans could not have evolved in an unaided process (i.e. without the intervention of a Designer). This topic is indeed far beyond the scope of this essay. What is important here is to realize that mass conscience is formed not by the great scientists, but rather by ideologues. It is they who have implemented and enforced militant atheism since the time of Karl Marx to the Bolsheviks of the former USSR to the neo-Bolsheviks of the West, who have already "taken power" in universities and academies long ago. 


So since the time of emancipation, the stream of Ethnic-only Jews rejecting Judaism became so visible, that it gave birth to a "new social entity", namely Ethnic-only Jewry. This period of massive apostasy happened to be the most fatal period for Jewry in its entirety. The following explains why.


The mere fact of apostasy by itself added one more component to anti-Semitism. More importantly, it was since that time that anti-Semitism acquired its purely racial brand that never existed before. Some 100 years later the racial anti-Semitism had reached its culmination: the Holocaust. And then 7 years later the second Holocaust prepared by Stalin and his henchmen in the USSR was about to happen – though it was prevented by Stalin's death. 


Emergence of Ethno-only Jewry happened to be a part of a more general process of subversions of the Judeo-Christian foundations of western civilization. It was a period when Marxist and socialist utopias began to spread and infect people’s minds. Socialism is incompatible with Judaism. The very idea of "social justice" being understood as the equality of the achievements, the envy of the more prosperous classes, and the redistribution of wealth are all in deep contrast to Judaism.  


In Judaism it is understood that people vary in their character and capabilities, and that is why their achievements differ. Inequality of achievements is an objective reality which must be respected. This is the Tenth Commandment: You shalt not covet.

As Jeff Jacoby put it, "Economic envy may cloak itself in rhetoric about "inequality" or "egalitarianism" or "redistribution of wealth," but its oldest name is covetousness. That is the sin enjoined by the last of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house; thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, or his manservant, or his maidservant, or his ox, or his ass, or anything that is thy neighbor's."


As a consequence of the respect to this Tenth Commandment, some 50 years ago and earlier it was shameful in America to be a freeloader even among poor people. Their honesty and work ethic made America great then (while now we came to the opposite, when freeloaders are proud, and demand more and more).


Indeed, Judaism also teaches compassion to fellow human beings who experience hardship, and encourages helping them. However this is supposed to be voluntary (rather than via taxes collected by the government). The Scripture also advises the expected amount of the voluntary help: something in the vicinity of 10% of a person's income. (Compare this to the "progressive" taxes up to 50% collected by the socialist Western governments).     


Granted, the Jews always have a fresh memory of all the injustices and persecution experienced by the previous generations, and so they are particularly sensitive to any injustice. However, as it was said, there is very little in common between the concepts of "justice" in Judaism and Marxism.


If the Jews were firm in their adherence to Judaism, Marxist propaganda would never attract them. And if the Jews had decisively rejected Marxism, their fate – as well as the fate of the world in the 20th century – could possibly have been different: supposedly better.


Alas, disproportionate representation of Ethnic Jews in Marxism was too apparent. Here it added – again – a new component to anti-Semitism by associating the Jews with Marxism and with undermining the social foundations in general. All that already had taken place in the 19th century. And then in the 20th century this association reached catastrophic proportions, and also brought about the most catastrophic consequences.


3. Ethnic Jews rushed into the Russian Revolutions


The role and destiny of the Jews in Tsarist Russia and then in the USSR were particularly grotesque. In Tsarist Russia the laws discriminating against Jews (as well as pogroms) took place up until the early 20th century, when in the other European countries such laws (but not anti-Semitism itself) were already in the distant past. Correspondingly a higher proportion of the Russian Jewry was involved in the revolutions, in the Bolshevik coup of 1917, and then in the 70 terrible years of the Soviet dictatorship in the USSR. It was in those early years of the Soviet dictatorship when the following saying of a Moscow Rabbi came about: the saying was addressed to Trotsky (Bronstein) – the chief ideologue of Bolsheviks, who did not consider himself Jewish any more. "It is the Trotskys who arrange revolutions; yet it is the Bronsteins who pay the price".    


Saying that "The Jews rushed into the Russian revolutions", by no means do I mean that the Jews are solely responsible for the victory of those revolutions and the civil war that followed, as modern Russian propaganda tries to make us believe. The Jews in Russia then (and now) have been a negligible minority. During that civil war they were rather victims of pogroms than a force noticeable among 150 million Russians. "Rushed into the revolutions" means that the percentage of the Jews among the "revolutionaries" was higher than the average in the country. (And I wished it were lower, ideally – zero).   


The Ethnic-only Jews were so sincere and enthusiastic in their adherence to Bolshevism, that they participated in the most shameful actions of the Bolsheviks – and that took place in Russia of all places! In that very Russia where the anti-Semitic people have always associated the Jews with undermining the Christian and monarchial foundations of the Nation! And those Ethnic Jews rushed to implement the state policy of militant atheism (!) and separation of Church and State (meaning to rob the churches and persecute priests)! They participated in the so called "confiscation of the food reserves" – i.e. in the robbing of peasants in the time of famine. Then, many being members of ChK/GPU[1], the Jews too took part in executions, in the forceful "collectivization". I do not know the number of Jews serving in the Army and GPU in the early 1930’s when a version of the "final solution" of the Ukrainian problem was implemented by Stalin's henchmen: a genocide later known as the Ukrainian punitive famine. Even if there were only one Jew amongst those troops – it is an indelible dishonor for all Jewry.


Indeed, there were a lot of righteous, bright and heroic Jews in USSR as well: Jews who distinguished themselves with real heroism. For example, during WWII against Nazi Germany, 135 Jews were decorated with the Gold Star of the Hero of the USSR. This small people (1/3 of whom were brutally exterminated), appeared to be in second place with regard to this highest decoration, only after the 150 million strong Russian people! This fact of the military history was such a contradiction to Stalin's propaganda (already busy with preparation of the second Holocaust), that a journalist Mirra Zheleznova was arrested and executed for publishing this, and the officer from the military archives who gave her these statistics was sentenced to 25 years of punitive labor.   


It was exactly in the USSR where for the first time the state legislated and completely substituted spiritual Jewishness with its Ethnic-only surrogate.  Judaism – and all religions for that matter – was an object of severe persecution and expropriations since the first days of the Soviet Union – and up to its last days, when Zionism and the mere studying of Hebrew were a punishable "crime". And it was the USSR where all Jewry was converted into the Ethnic-only type, which almost completely lost its cultural and religious roots. Officially it was assumed that all ethnic Jews in the USSR must have assimilated (and many sincerely wished to). However under the cover of "assimilation", in reality the USSR implemented severe racial discrimination against Jews – a precursor of what much later became known as Affirmative Action in the leftist America. The grotesque distinction however is that in America the discrimination is directed against the Caucasian well achieving majority, rather than a minority within the country. 


4. Disorder among both spiritual and ethnic-only Jewry since the 1920’s in the USA and Europe


Let us see now how it was with regard to spirituality and adherence to Judaism among the Jews in the West, privileged to live in the best and freest of worlds.


Unlike the USSR, in the West only a minority of the Jews explicitly belong to the Ethnic-only category, meaning that they do not consider themselves related to Judaism at all. However let us begin with them first.


Not surprisingly, the Ethnic-only Jews in the West mostly do just the same as their atheistic brethren in Russia did in the 19th century. Exploiting the freedom and liberties of the West, they propagate the leftist and Marxist ideas undermining the Constitution and those very liberties which allow them to operate. The Ethnic-only Jews actively joined Communist parties of the West, as well as various decadent movements such as those promoting anarchism, sexual promiscuity, legalization of homosexuality, and even eugenics.


(To be just, such a prominent anti-socialist writer like Ayn Rand belonged to the Ethnic-only Jewry too, illustrating the statement above that Ethnic-only Jewishness does not stand for any particular spiritual or cultural values).


There is however a particularly notable distinction. The predecessors in the struggle for "social justice" in tsarist Russia and USSR were the first on this path which nobody had walked on yet. Quite soon they turned into prisoners trapped by the very regime they had promoted. Unlike them, the Jews of the West enjoyed all freedoms of the world. Since as early as the 1920’s, information about the atrocities of the Bolsheviks leaked and reached the West. However the leftists (Jews among them being the first) did their best to suppress all this information from the USSR. All those Leftists were in fact fellow travelers (or paid agents) of the USSR, the ugliest of them being the communist couple, the Rosenbergs. They transferred nuclear secrets to Stalin during the Manhattan project, were caught, and executed in 1953.  


It was not until the 1950’s when a good senator, Joseph McCarthy made the first weak attempt to investigate and uproot such agents. Immediately the leftists ostracized the brave senator, giving a bad name (McCarthyism) to his entire effort. Since then they have used this term as a battle cry to shut up any conservative wishing to investigate them. However, in the 1990’s after the collapse of the USSR, the KGB unclassified some of its documents, called the Venona tapes, revealing the network of their agents in the 1950’s among the influential leftists in the United States (including ethnic Jews). So Senator Joseph McCarthy was vindicated.  


In the modern times (after restoration of Israel), we see Ethnic-only Jews joining the deadliest enemies of Israel in an attempt to delegitimize and destroy it. In America it is enough to mention such notorious names as Professors Chomsky, Judt, and Finkelstein, or the multi-billionaire Soros, and there are many others in Israel.     


Now how about the spiritual brand of Jews in the West? They still comprise a majority of Jews, because not many of them in the West dare to openly admit being an atheist or to be in complete rejection of Judaism. Therefore, according both to our definition and their own admission, they are spiritual Jews. However the same degradation which originated in the 19th century since the emergence of "atheistic Jews", now is also affecting the spiritual Jewry. The same infection of decadency and socialism has penetrated directly into synagogues, giving birth to various branches of "reformed Judaism", or Judaism with some adjectives. The founders of every such new variety cancel Judaic bans, which they find "inconvenient", and distort the principles of interpretation of the Torah tested by centuries: All that -  in order to accommodate and legitimize any ideas of sexual perversions or Marxist social justice that their "progressive" donors are obsessed with.  


In other words, the so-called reformed brands of Judaism have become a religious roof for shielding such things as homosexuality, feminism, socialism, anti- and post-Zionism and similar progressive scummy concepts absolutely incompatible with Judaism (as it was understood just some 100 years ago).


Such spiritual Jews together with the Ethnic-only variety of Jewry jointly denounce Israel as being an apartheid state, or they lie down in front of bulldozers razing the houses of terrorists in Israel. In America they are busy "building interfaith bridges": "bridges" extended mostly to one very particular faith. You know which: Islam. After all, the stones have not yet shouted: "Here is a Jew behind me. Come to kill him". It was (of all institutions) ADL, the Jewish Anti-Defamations League which recently denounced the legislative proposals in several states to ban …  Sharia (!)  in those states. And it is notoriously known that near 80% of American Jews voted for the illegitimate presidential candidate Obama/Soetoro: a leftist radical, black racist, Islamic agent, and anti-Zionist. Isn't this alone the best illustration of the incapability of Jewry to properly assess the social situation crucial for their own survival?! 


Even now in 2012, after the ugly four years of American disgrace under Obama/Soetoro/Soberkach, still near 70% of American Jews support him through various organizations with deceitful names (like Jewish Voice for "Peace" or "Rabbis for Obama" and similar). They do it defying the facts that this particular resident of the White House is the most anti-Israel of all existing American presidents. Defying the facts that this Manchurian candidate with undetermined name was revealed to be also an identity thief, forger and fraud… (Revealed by a prominent Jewish doctor and attorney Orly Taitz – the finest representative of the other 30%).   

With all its interfaith bridges to Islam, ADL however is a vanguard of struggle for the Bolshevik goal of "separation of God and state" and for complete removal of God and the Ten Commandments from any public display: that is their perverted understanding of the 1st Amendment.  ("Mosque and State" must be OK). Another concern of "Jewish Anti-Defamation" somehow happened to be Prop. 8, which merely reaffirmed the traditional definition of marriage (between a man and a woman). Think about it: An establishment "Jewish" organization fights for ... removal of God and bringing a sin into public life!


Cowardice and conformism have corrupted even the orthodox denominations. How else can we explain that they refrain from performing at least some sort of spiritual leadership in society, say such as to publicly denounce homosexuality? Isn't it the special mission of the Chosen People to bring the Light of Torah into the world? To recall time and again what God had defined as Good, as Evil, and as an abomination? Contemporary rabbis have turned into Pharisees, into mindless rite dispensers. The silence of our spiritual leaders on an issue as ubiquitous as homosexuality is deafening and shameful.

Alas, the erosion and corruption of Judaism affected all levels. This corruption usually begins with placating to any big donors of the moment. (And the big donors of the recent decades happened to be homosexuals, liberasts[2], and progressives). How to ensure that rabbis serve to God rather than to donors who "own them"? (Well, finally here is some hope... And here , here
and here).


5. Disorder among Jews undermines Israel


Erosion of Judaism (and of Christianity) undermines the foundations of all the countries of the West. However, disorder among Jews is particularly deadly for such a small nation as Israel, which is at the forefront of the global Islamic war against the non-Islamic world. 


How can it be tolerated that ideas such as anti- or post-Zionism be freely circulated in Israel as possible versions of its future? The ideas that negate the very right of the existence of Israel?! The purely secular Zionism is incapable to convince the so called "World community" even in the right of existence of Israel. No big deal, just one of many small (and much hated) nations. (After all, how many such small nations had existed and then disappeared forever, say like Eastern Prussia?!)


As a result of the disorder and erosion of Judaism, the skill of interpreting Torah correctly (i.e. conservatively) has disappeared. Just some 100 year ago and earlier the great majority of rabbis had interpreted Torah more or less in the same way: at least in respect to the main social issues. Unfortunately since the 20th century many grotesque discrepancies emerged in their "understanding" of Torah. The discrepancies have emerged even in regard to the mere existence of Israel or her defense, and even among the orthodox branches. It is enough to mention that grotesque orthodox sect called Carta Naturei – in fact the explicit traitors of Israel, or the refusal of the Haredim to perform military service, or to learn practical trades in order to be self sufficient, or the Satmar branch, indifferent to Zionism and Israel.   


We badly need a Prophet in our own country in order to rectify the minds of both our sheep and their mad pastors.   


Reread the words of the same motto:


From the Letter on behalf of Walid Shoebat Foundation

Keith Davies, Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation


Through our history many Jews have acted in betraying their God and their own people. The story of the Golden Calf, the Twelve Spies, the persecution of our prophets, the lack of faith in our rights as Jews and so on. If we think rationally why we have survived as a people based on our own collective behavior as a nation, we should not have survived at all. The only conclusion I can come to as a Jew is that we have survived because of God himself and his mercy and compassion.


And the final addition in the end: For how long dare we try the patience of the Almighty, abusing His mercy? Hadn't it already happened in the past: Sodom and Gomorrah, and the great Deluged? Doesn't it mean that the patience and mercy of God may sometimes get exhausted so that again He comes to the conclusion that alas, also this experiment with humanity has failed…  (Spiritual vs. nothing but ethnic Jews)   All the types of Jews  (Prager)  


*) In fact, the ethnic origin of Jewish converts into Christianity not always and not everywhere was ignored or forgotten. For example, the Spanish Inquisition of the Middle age massively persecuted, tortured, and executed Christians of Jewish origin already converted about 100 years ago (see the book of Benzion Netanyahu).

[1]  ChK – an acronym for the "Emergency Commission" (forerunner of GPU and KGB) headed by Dzerzhinsky;  GPU -  a part of a longer acronym GPU NKVD meaning the Main Political Office of the People Commissariat of Internal Affairs  (forerunner of KGB – the Committee of the State Security) 

[2]  A transparent neologism in Russian meaning liberals who "embrace" open sexual  perverts.